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1929 Packard Standard Eight

SOLD Sedan
Packard 5 Pass 319ci S8 Wood Brass 626 Type 333 Adonis Ornament All Original
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VIN #: 265331   Stock #: 4011929
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1929 Packard Standard Eight
SOLD Sedan
VIN #: 265331
Stock #: 4011929
Used Clear Title
319.2 STRAIGHT 8 - 90HP
3 Spd Manual
Rear Wheel Drive
Exterior Color:
Burgandy & Black
Interior Color:
Interior Surface:
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Vehicle Overview

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1929 Packard Standard Eight - 5 Passenger Sedan - Body Model 6-26 / Type Number 333

Throughout most of the classic era, Packard outsold all of its competitors in the United States-including Lincoln, Cadillac and Pierce-Arrow. At its peak, in 1928, Packard built some of the most luxurious cars available anywhere in the world.

Power is supplied by Packard's legendary 319.2 cubic-inch straight-eight motor, which developed 90 horsepower.

These later models were easily identified by the round-back headlights that replaced the earlier drum-backs style.

Packard, originally called the Ohio Automobile Company, was founded by two brothers, James Ward and William Dowd Packard in the city of Warren Ohio. By 1925, Packard was considered the indisputable leader in the field of prestige automobiles.

In 1929 Packard prices started at $2,600, while Henry Ford was producing vehicles that sold for $440. The Packard brothers offered a more refined automobile with an improved design and innovations like the modern steering wheel.
Packard built vehicles were consistently considered the elite in luxury automobiles and developed a following not only in the United States, but also abroad.

1929 was a big year for Packard, as all of their vehicles were now fitted with straight- eight engines. The Model 626 rode on a 126.5-inch chassis. Mounted under the bonnet was a 319.2 cubic-inch engine that produced 90 horsepower.
There was a three-speed selective transmission with a single plate clutch, shaft drive and hypoid differential.

1929 was Packard's most successful year. More than 54,000 vehicles were sold during the model year. It was the first year of production for the Standard Eight in-line engine.

There were 5 bodystyles available on the 626. This Five Passenger Sedan that was built on August 10th of 1929. It was sent from the factory to the Horst & Mooney distributor in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

This Packard sedan is especially unique since it retains most of its original features. It has been passed down from grandfather to grandson and was restored no less than 20 years ago.
Few vintage cars remain in this condition today.

Cowl Tag Reads:
Packard Motor Car Company
Detroit Michigan
Vehicle Number
Delivered 8-10-29
By: HORST & MOONEY N.S.PCH PA Address: 3323 California Ave N. S. Pittsburgh PA

This vehicle features a separate cowl and windshield designed to protect rear seat passengers from wind and debris during spirited driving.
The Packard family coat of arms appeared on the radiator emblem for the first time in 1929.

This engine uses a unique crankshaft design and firing order that balanced the reciprocating forces, thus eliminating vibration.
This engine is lighter than the previous year model, offers more horsepower, better fuel economy and its inline configuration allowed the Packard to continue the 'long hood' design themes that were popular and characteristic of the Classic era.

This body combines perfectly the elements of elegance and utility.
Wide plate glass windows and narrow uprights insure maximum vision in all directions.
A robe rail of the stationary type is conveniently mounted on the back of the front seat.
A tubular type foot rail folds out of position when not in use.
The vanity and smoking cases are furnished in burled walnut.

Originally upholstered in all wool broadcloth, the doors, roof, sides and the front seat back are trimmed with upholstery cloth to match the seat and seat back.
The head lining extends in one section, neatly covering the entire ceiling.
Window curtains with rollers and tassels are furnished on the rear and side rear windows.
The windlace around the doors is covered with worsted material or leather to match the trimming. There is a weatherstrip fitted to the bottom of each door sill to prevent water leaks and air drafts.

Door and window mouldings are made of black walnut with Packard eight walnut finish.
All doors have outside handles; the 6-26 are lacquer finished metal with rounded corners. They are opened from the inside by convenient easy operating lever handles.
Inside locks are provided on all except the right front door, which is provided with an outside cylinder lock. The inside locks are operated by pushing the lever handle forward to about 1/2 inch to the locked position.
The locks will not be damaged by slamming if the catch has been set when the door is ajar.

Adjusting screw on face of lock takes up wear on plunger and eliminates rattles.
The windshield is of one piece construction, attached at the top by a piano type hinge.
Weatherstrips are provided to prevent leakage of water between the sash and the stanchions. In addition, the hinge itself is provided with a weatherstrip, thus preventing any leakage around it.

The entire windshield is easily adjustable from the driver's seat from closed to fully open position.
The front pillars and stanchions are specially designed not only to have great strength but also to give maximum vision.

All door windows lower flush with the door belt. The two side windows at the ends of the rear seat lower sufficiently for ventilation. All windows are operated by rotary type window regulators.
The glass in the rear window is stationary. It is stormproof, being set in channel rubber and securely held in place with a metal mouldings finished in walnut. The interior hardware fittings are of an exclusive Packard design.

The body framework is built of thoroughly air dried and kiln dried lumber of the proper species, reinforced by metal braces. Careful selection for proper grain is made of hard wood used in all important members, such as sills, cross sills, cross bars, standing pillars, door pillars and cowl bars. The joints of all panels are filed smoothly with great care. Exact symmetry of lines is adhered to in the first as well as the last operation. The following woods are used in the body construction of the Packard Eight models: ash, birch, rock elm, maple, oak, basswood, and spruce.

A new instrument board was designed. It has a walnut rubbed finish with a nickel bead at the lower edge and the instruments, with the exception of the ignition switch and cigar lighter, are grouped in a pleasing arrangement in the center. The instruments are indirectly lighted by two bulbs which are controlled by a separate switch.
The clock is located at the right end of the panel and the speedometer at the left end, easily read from the driving position,

A gasoline gauge is furnished and is placed in the center part of the panel. The oil gauge and motor thermometer are located near the top of the panel equidistant from the center, with the ammeter in the lower center. To the right of the group is the cigar lighter, standard on all Packard cars.
Convenient on the left side of the group is the ignition switch of the plunger type built into the end of the ignition coil. The spark advance and carburetor choke controls are located at the bottom of the instrument group, symmetrically, each side of the ammeter.

The cowl ventilator is provided with a lever adjustment operated from the driver's seat. It is quickly and easily adjusted to three different positions. A spring makes it rattle-proof.
An entirely new design of drain pan which fits close up around the ventilator cover makes this ventilator absolutely leak-proof. This drain pan will also effectually prevent dust from accumulating on the instruments attached to the back of the instrument board.

An automatic windshield cleaner and non-glare rear vision mirror are standard equipment on all cars.

A tool compartment under the driver's seat is provided. There is also a pocket under the cowl on the right for small hand tools, gloves, rags, etc.

All exterior hardware is heavily plated with chromium, the new non-corrosive metal finish.

Standard Equipment:
Electric starter. Bendix screw shift.
Electric generator and storage battery.
Electric headlights with two filament bulbs, equipped with non-glare lenses.
Electric tail lamp and license tag illuminator combined with rear signal and backing light.
Electric horn.
Parking lamps.
Extra wheel and carrier.
Wheel carrier lock.
Wheel changing wrench.
Hydraulic shock absorbers.
Bumpers - front and rear.
Cowl ventilator.
Automatic radiator shutters.

Instrument Board Equipment:
Gasoline gauge.
Plunger type ignition switch. (Lighting switch on steering wheel.)
Cigar lighter.
Speedometer includes miles per hour, trip and total odometers.
Oil pressure gauge.
Dash motor thermometer.
Carburetor dash adjustment and spark control.
Instruments lighted indirectly by two three-candlepower bulbs.

Tires and Wheels:
Low pressure tires, straight side 32 x 6.00, non-skid front and rear.
Steel disc wheels standard equipment.
A spare wheel carrier is bolted rigidly to the frame rear cross member and cross tube and is of the hub clamping type.
No straps or shoes are required.
The spare wheel is clamped between the carrier and the disc shaped cover and locked in place by means of a flush type lock.

Features :
Window regulators for all side windows.
Dome lights.
Robe rail, stationary type.
Fold out Foot rest.
Inside locks on all doors.
Outside cylinder lock on right front door.
Burled walnut vanity case.
Burled walnut smoking set.
Non-glare rear view mirror.
Automatic windshield cleaner.

Type Number 333 / Body Model Sedan (5) 6-26 / Length 189 9/16" / Width 69 3/8" / Height 74"
Engine Location - - Front
Engine Type : S8 5231 cc / 319.2 cu in. / 5.2 L.
Horsepower : 90 HP (66.24 KW) @ 3200 RPM / 32.5 S.A.E. rating
Bore : 3.2 in | 81 mm.
Stroke : 5.0 in | 127 mm.
Eight cylinders cast in one block. - "L" head type
Removable cylinder head.
Nine Bearing crankshaft.
Four-point suspension.

Ignition: Generator, batter and Packard "North East" distributor.

Gasoline System: Vacuum feed 22 gallon capacity main tank. Gas gauge mounted on instrument board.

Lubrication : Motor bearings supplied with oil under 30 pounds pressure for normal running.
All chassis bearings lubricated by pressure feed oiling system from oil supply reservoir located on dash.

Clutch : Special design single plate disc clutch.

Transmission : Three speeds forward, one reverse - selective type.

Brakes : Service brakes are internal expanding on all four wheels.
The emergency operates separately from the service brake on the rear wheels only. 16" drums.

Starting System : Individual starting motor - automatic engagement to alloy steel heat-treated teeth flywheel.
Starting Switch is located at the right of the accelerator pedal on the inclined toeboard.
Ammeter is mounted on the instrument board and indirectly lighted for night driving.

Cooling system : Cellular type radiator made with detachable steel shell, heavily plated with chromium.
Capacity - 5 gallons, with automatic thermostat control of both air flow and water temperature.
Six bladed steel fan.
"V" shaped fan belts with great driving power.

Frame : Pressed steel, 8 inches deep.
Rigid torsion tubes at front and rear and cross channels, preventing frame weave.

Springs: Front semi-elliptic, 38 inches long and 2 inches wide.
Rear semi-elliptic, 56 inches long and 2 1/4 inches wide.

Lighting System : Headlights with auxiliary driving lights and parking lights.
Instrument board lights.
Combination tail, stop and backing light.
Current supplied to battery by six volt generator.
Lighting switch control lever is located at top of steering wheel.

Optional equipment : dual side mounts with mirrors
rearview mirror
Adonis radiator cap

Drive Type - - Rear Wheel
Shaft drive and hypoid differential
Body / Chassis Unit Steel
Cast en block; Vibration damper; Packard updraft carburetor
Length overall (at belt) 113 1/2
Length - dash to front of front seat 25 3/8
Length - back of front seat to front of rear seat 27
Width overall (at belt) panel to panel 61 7/8
Width of floor in tonneau 48
Height inside 49 5/8
Front door width 28 3/4
Rear door width 28 7/8
Weight 4,185 lbs.
Wheelbase 126 1/2"
Turning Radius 21'7"
Price $2,400-$6,500

This Legendary Piece of American Automotive History is available to own today!

Don't miss out on this Elegant, Antique Packard Standard Eight - Five Passenger Sedan 6-26.

Call, Email or Come by our showroom today for your opportunity to drive home in this Dream Car.

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